The Proven Medical Billing Service

For over 50 years Medigistics has been providing medical billing services to physicians and other health care providers. We currently provide Medical Billing Services in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virgina and Michigan. At Medigistics our daily focus is combining the most experienced people with the right software to produce results that exceed industry standards. We are always implementing new ways to reduce denials, accelerate reimbursements, and create a positive experience for our clients and their patients.

We exceed Medical Billing industry benchmarks by employing innovative processes that scrub data prior to submission to third party payers.

We have designed and developed software (EDX) that translates and validates data from hospital sources prior to posting to the practice management system.

Once claims are ready for submission we perform real time eligibility and claim edit checks to guarantee a clean claim is submitted.

We ensure that providers are properly credentialed by using software to track and complete the volumes of paperwork required by today's insurance companies.

We have also developed a banking solution for clients that do not wish to use the services of a bank. All checks are electronically deposited and monies are returned to our clients through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). We are also able to process refunds for our clients eliminating the hassle and any exposure to fraud.

Complete Medical Revenue Cycle Management

With Medigistics complete suite of solutions you will be confident that your practice's medical accounts receivables are being managed both proactively and professionally.

  • Real-time Claim Scrubbing and Eligibility Checks
  • State of the Art Data Capture and Correction
  • Document Imaging
  • NCCI and LCD edits
  • Professional Credentialing
  • Denial Management and Insurance Follow-up
  • Experienced Management and Dedicated Employees
  • Treasury and Banking Solutions
  • Patient Billing and Online Bill Payment
  • Comprehensive Web based Reporting with dashboards
  • EHR - Electronic Health Records

The Proven Billing Solution

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